JIDA Museum Selection vol.22


Product 温度調節器
Digital Temperature Controller
Model number E5CD/E5ED
Manufacturer オムロン株式会社
OMRON Corporation
Designer オムロン株式会社 商品事業本部 デザイングループ
Design group, Product Business Division HQ, OMRON Corporation
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

温度調節器 E5CD/E5EDは、オムロン独自の温度調整アルゴリズムを搭載し、これまで熟練作業者が生産品目や材料配合の変更など生産状況の変化に合わせて、経験と勘を頼りに行ってきた温度パラメーター調整を自動的に行う温度調節器です。性能・機能面に加え、生産現場での「見やすさ」と「使いやすさ」も追及しました。温度制御に一番重要な現在温度の表示に白色LEDを採用し、かつ大きな文字高さにすることでユーザーの視認性を高め、さらに操作スイッチもクリック感のある操作しやすいものを選定しました。(解説/オムロン株式会社 コンポ事業部) 2017年発売 ¥23,000~(税抜き)


産業機器などで温度制御を司る温度調節器はこの機器単体で完結するプロダクトではない。さまざまな組み込まれた機器で必要以上に存在を主張しない一方で、必要時には設定温度などが分かりやすく視認でき設定操作できることが求められる。限られた48mm幅DIN規格準拠のサイズに暗いところでも読み取りやすい発光表示部や集約した操作キーなどを巧みに収め、洗練されたデザインにまとめ上げた産業の現場を支えるプロダクト。(審査委員/濱田 秀之)


The E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers include OMRON's unique temperature adjustment algorithm and automatically adjust temperature parameters that until now skilled workers have been doing based on experience and intuition in response to production status changes, including production items and materials compounding. In addition to performance and functionality, we have also pursued ease of use and legibility in the production sites. White LEDs are used to display the current temperature, which is the most important for temperature control, and the large character height enhances the user's visibility, and the operation switch is selected to be easy to operate with a click feeling. (Description / Components Division, OMRON Corporation)  Launch Year / 2017


Temperature controllers that control the temperature in industrial equipment are not complete products in and of themselves. Although they must be usable in a variety of embedded devices while not being too conspicuous, they also must be designed so that whenever needed the temperature and other settings can be easily seen, readily changed and set. A luminescent display that is easy to read even in the dark and integrated operation keys were cleverly fitted into the limited 48mm-wide DIN standard-compliant space, and a product with a sophisticated design that supports manufacturing was created. (Selection Committee / HAMADA Hideyuki)