JIDA Museum Selection vol.21


Product タンザクランプ
Model number
Manufacturer ストーリオ株式会社
Storio Corporation
Designer 木村 和久
KIMURA Kazuhisa
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

かつて灯や燃料として使われていた里山のブナを、現代に求められる癒しの灯をともすスタイリッシュな充電式ランプにしました。反りや縮みが出にくい最小単位としての「短冊状にカットしたブナ材」をデザインの起点とし、独自の曲げ木技術で使用シーンにより3タイプの形状に曲げています。場の暗さを愉しむ、くつろぎのためのミニマルな灯りとして、光源が直接目に入りにくい形状に設計しました。明るい日中においては、シンプルな外観とプレーンで白っぽいブナの曲面から生まれる光と影が、オブジェのように目を愉しませてくれます。(解説/ストーリオ株式会社)2020年4月発売 ¥19,800~ ¥25,000(税抜き)


このランプは、発光部・電子基板やバッテリーなどを薄い本体の厚みの中に巧みに仕込み、きわめてシンプルで美しい造形の照明である。消灯時はLEDの存在が感じられない構造で、点灯するまでは柔らかくカーブを描く白木の板、点灯してはじめて白木の面そのものが光りを放ち手元を照らす。使い方も軽やか、充電式でどこでも持ち歩け、そこを明かりで灯せる発想は、様々な使い方を発想させる。(選定委員/芝 操枝)


Beech wood from Satoyama, which was once used as a light source and fuel, is now made into a stylish rechargeable lamp with a light that offers a therapeutic effect that is much needed in today’s modern world. Taking Beech woods cut into strips down to the smallest pieces as possible to a point where they less likely bend or warp as a starting point of the design, they are bent into three types according to usages by utilizing its own bending techniques. The lamp was designed with a form that does not allow the light source to be directly visible to the eyes, offering minimal light for relaxation and enjoying the darkness of the place. During the daytime, the light and shadow that are cast from simple form and plain white curved surface of the Beech wood pleases our eyes as an object. (Description / Storio Corporation) Launch Year / 2020


This lamp is an extremely simple and beautifully illuminated light in which the light emitting part, the electronic board, batteries and others are meticulously placed in a thin body. When the lights are turned off, the structure of the lamp does not allow the presence of the LEDs to be felt, and until it lights up, it shows a softly curved white wooden board, and when it lights up, the white wooden surface itself shines and illuminates the immediate surroundings. It is lightweight, rechargeable, can be carried around anywhere and the idea that it can be lit up right on the spot gives us many possibilities for its uses. (Selection Committee / SHIBA Misae)