JIDA Museum Selection vol.21


Product しゅくだいやる気ペン
Shukudai Yaruki Pen
Model number
Manufacturer コクヨ株式会社
Designer コクヨ株式会社
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

コクヨの「しゅくだいやる気ペン」は、家庭学習の習慣化をサポートする、まったく新しいコンセプトのIoT文具です。いつもの鉛筆に取り付け、専用のスマートフォンアプリと連動させることで勉強への取り組みを分析し、日々の努力を見える化します。子どもには家庭学習に取りかかりやすく、保護者には褒めやすくするきっかけを与え、親子の円滑なコミュニケーションを通して「やる気」を育む体験デザインを目指しました。「かきたくなる。ほめたくなる。」の好循環を生み出すことで、子どもたちが楽しく自発的に学習する習慣を促します。(解説/中井 信彦)2019年7月発売 オープン価格

ユニークなIoT商品が登場した。 ペン内部の加速度センサーによる測定データを使うたびに蓄積する。やる気パワーとして記録、LED色の変化によって可視化する。さらに専用のスマホアプリと連動させることで、小学生の学習の習慣付けと意欲を増幅させるという。ゲーム要素と勉強の融合を取り入れたユニークな製品である。 IoT技術の多様な可能性を感じさせる製品として評価したい。(選定委員/羽賀 潤平)


An IoT (Internet of Things) pen with an entirely new concept, KOKUYO's Shukudai Yaruki Pen helps children form a habit of studying at home. The device is slipped onto an ordinary pencil and works in tandem with a dedicated smartphone app. It allows you to analyze your studying habits and visualizes your studying efforts. Shukudai Yaruki Pen gives the child motivation to study and the parents more opportunities to praise their child. We wanted to create a device that motivates children through happy, positive communication that happens between them and their parents. A child given a Shukudai Yaruki Pen will think, I want to write. His or her parents will think, I want to praise my child. By creating such a positive feedback loop, Shukudai Yaruki Pen lets children develop a habit of studying on their own and it lets them enjoy the process. (Description / NAKAI Nobuhiko) Launch Year / 2019


A unique IoT product has appeared. The amount of writing that is done is recorded by the acceleration sensor inside the device. The amount is recorded as yaruki power (motivation power) and is visualized through an LED light that changes color. The device works together with a smartphone app. Shukudai Yaruki Pen is designed to help elementary school students form a habit of studying at home and to motivate them to study more. Study and elements of games have merged and become one in this unique product. I want to commend Shukudai Yaruki Pen as a product that allows us to sense the diverse possibilities IoT products possess. (Selection Committee / HAGA Junpei)