JIDA Museum Selection vol.21


Product パッとメモ
Quick Open Memo Patto
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社デザインフィル
Designphil Inc.
Designer 齋藤 泰陽
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

(解説/広報:中村 雅美)2019年1月発売

 ※第28回 日本文具大賞 機能部門 優秀賞受賞 ¥320(税抜き)


メモの片側をペーパーパッドのように糊付けをすることで、使いたいときに新しいページがパッと開くという機能性が素晴らしい。使用済みのページは左側の糊付けがはがれパラパラとめくれる一方、未使用のページは綴じられたままのため、次にメモを開く際すぐに新しいページが開く。ちょっとした工夫だが使い勝手が格段に向上している。デザイン的なまとまりもシンプルで品の良い仕上りだ。( 選定委員/芝 操枝)


This is a new spiral memo we developed that opens up immediately to the new, unused page. When using a memo pad, after you close it, when you want to use it again you have to search for the new page. This is a hassle. We aimed to create a memo pad that you can begin using promptly because the new page immediately opens up. Patto looks just like an ordinary spiral memo pad. Our solution was to glue the left side of the memo pad together so that it becomes like a note pad. The page you are using is still glued together with the other pages; only when you are done writing on it do you tear it loose. As a result, you can instantly find the page you are using and the new, unused page. (Description / NAKAMURA Masami, Public Relations) Launch Year / 2019

※A winner of the Excellence Award (Functionality Division) in the Stationary of the Year 2019


The pages of the memo pad are glued together on the left side, and because of this feature you can immediately open up the new, unused page when you want to do so. Accordingly, this memo pad is wonderfully functional. You can flip through the pages that have been used but the unused pages remain together because they are glued together on the left side. Consequently, when you open the memo pad you can promptly open up the new page. It is a small change but the usability has been greatly enhanced. The design of the memo pad is simple and refined too.(Selection Committee / SHIBA Misae)