JIDA Museum Selection vol.21


Product OYAKOSAJI(oil)
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社山のくじら舎
Designer 岩井 美奈
IWAI mina
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

赤ちゃんがうまく泳げるようになるまで、背中に乗せて一緒に泳ぐお母さんくじら。そんな微笑ましい親子の仕草をモチーフにした、2本のベビースプーンセット。「親さじ」はファーストスプーンとして大人が食べさせてあげる離乳食に。そして「子さじ」は赤ちゃんがはじめて自分で食べるスプーンとしてご使用いただけます。さじの部分は赤ちゃんの口にフィットしやすく、滑らかな舌触り。木の温もりと素材感を生かした「亜麻仁オイル仕上げ」と、伝統工芸士による「漆仕上げ」の2種類。微笑ましい姿が食卓を楽しく演出します。(解説/湊 美保子)2016年9月発売 oil¥12,000/urushi¥20,000(税抜き)


専用の道具は数多くあれど、この「親子さじ」のコンセプトは、親と子の愛情豊かな関係をとても大事に、優しく表現している点を高く評価している。独特のフォルムは個人の発想からだけでなく、女性ならではの視点と多くの作り手の創造力が結集され昇華されたものであろう。この企業の精神でもある“ならでは”の姿勢はある意味、改めてものづくりの本質を気づかせてくれる。(選定委員/谷村 秀)


Until the baby whale can swim well, the mother whale carries him or her on her back. A pair of spoons for feeding infants, OYAKOSAJI are shaped like a mother whale and her baby. Oya saji (parent spoon) can be your child's first spoon; use it to give him or her baby food. When your child is ready to eat on his or her own, have the child use the ko saji (child spoon). The spoons are perfectly sized for children's mouths and have a smooth tongue feel. Two types of OYAKOSAJI are available. With the linseed oil finish type we have emphasized the warmth and the texture of the wood. The urushi lacquer finish type is made by traditional craftsmen. The two heartwarming spoons will cheerfully accompany your child's meals. (Description / MINATO Mihoko) Launch Year / 2016


Many specialized tools exist. However, OYAKOSAJI stands out for its concept. OYAKOSAJI's concept gently expresses the great preciousness of the loving relationship between a child and their parent. I applaud its concept. The distinctive shapes of the spoons are not merely one person's idea. They are also shapes that were made from the point of view of women and shapes that the combined creativity of many creators produced. YAMANO KUJIRA-SHA's approach is creating products that can only be thought up by someone who belongs to a specific demographic. In a way, the company's approach lets us become aware of what product making must essentially be. (Selection Committee / TANIMURA Shigeru)