JIDA Museum Selection vol.21

Neo+ 樹, I&S, I, L, S, Tall

Product Neo+ 樹, I&S, I, L, S, Tall
Neo+ Tree, I&S, I, L, S, Tall
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社セラミック・ジャパン
Ceramic Japan Co.,Ltd
Designer 小松 誠
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

物の価値を作り手が完成させてしまうのではなく、使い手のセンスが加わってはじめてその価値が高まっていく事を願ってデザインしました。ネオジム磁石の力によって、生活空間にあるいろいろな種類のスチール製品に合体して意外な場所に小さな花を咲かせて楽しんでもらいたい。スチール材ではないところ、石膏ボードや合板等の壁にはスチールの画鋲をさしておくと、そこに取り付ける事が出来ます。テーブル等で使う時は磁石がくっつくステンレスの丸い板の上で自由に方向や数をかえて楽しむ事が出来ます。(解説/小松 誠)2016年1月発売 ¥3,500~¥6,000(税抜き)


造形力の高さを伺わせる有機的なチューブ状のフォルムと、使い手を想う思慮深い仕掛けを高く評価している。ポイントは“くっつける”行為にあり、磁石と金属の関係を巧みに取り込んだ点である。画鋲といった誰にでも簡単に扱える物をリレーションさせる事により、垂直面に自由に取り付けコーディネイトが出来る。その行為は気持ちの良いものであろう。磁石と磁器の組み合わせによる新規性の高いデザインである。(選定委員/谷村 秀)


We do not want the final value of the object to be decided by the object's maker. Rather, we want the object's value to begin increasing when it is beautifully used by the user whose sensibilities are reflected in the way the object is used. These were our thoughts when we designed these vases. The neodymium magnets allow the vases to be attached to various steel products that are in the living space of the user. We want the users to have fun making flowers grow out from surprising places. Even on non-steel surfaces the vases can be attached: if steel tacks are pushed into plasterboard, plywood, or other walls, the vases can be attached to the tacks. If you want to put the vases on a table, you can use round stainless steel plates that you can stand the vases on. You can then position the vases so that they point toward the directions of your choosing, and you can vary the number of the vases. (Description / KOMATSU Makoto) Launch Year / 2016


The organic tube-like forms reveal superior modeling skills, and the considerate features of these vases show that their creators care deeply about the users. For these two things I applaud the creators. The central element here is how you stick the vases onto various surfaces. The vases can be attached to them because how magnets and metals behave toward each other has been cleverly incorporated into the vases. The metal tack, an item anyone can readily use, has been made a part of the scheme. You can use metal tacks to freely attach the vases to vertical surfaces to add decorative accents. It feels exhilarating to create flowers that are growing out of unexpected places. Made up of magnets and ceramics, the vases' designs are highly novel. (Selection Committee / TANIMURA Shigeru)