JIDA Museum Selection vol.21

AC/DC カレントセンサ

Product AC/DC カレントセンサ
Model number CT6877
Manufacturer 日置電機株式会社
Designer CT6877開発チーム/デザイングループ
CT6877 Development Team/ Design Group
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

広い周波数帯域の大電流を測定し、自動車などのEV化に使用される「電力変換器の評価や開発」に最適な貫通型電流センサーです。大電流の多くは、安全上の観点から2~4本程度の電線に分岐されます。従来はそれを複数のセンサーで測定していました。CT6877の貫通穴は内径が80mmあり、分岐する際に多く用いられる外径31mmの電線が4本入ります。4本の電線をまとめて計測することで、高精度な測定ができます。対向配置分割コイルによる広い周波数帯域、アルミ塊状を削り出したシールドによる世界最高レベルの耐ノイズ性などで、多くの研究・開発をサポートすることを目的にしています。(解説/デザイングループ)2019年4月発売 ¥700,000(税抜き)


生産財に最も要求されるのは機能である。ゆえに形状はないがしろにされやすい。だが、人間がそれを使う以上、たとえ生産財であろうとも「形状から得られる信頼感」はあり、機能が優れた製品ほど形状も追求すべきである。CT6877は機能の優位性もさることながら信頼性を感じる佇まいをしている。その理由は「線間のつながりを合理化することによる無駄の排除」にあり、機能に相応しい佇まいをまとった秀作といえる。(選定委員/蘆澤 雄亮)


A penetration type current sensor that measures large currents in a wide frequency range. It is ideal for "evaluating and developing power converters" that are applied to develop vehicle electrifications including that of automobiles. Most large currents are split into two to four wires as safety measures, and they were conventionally measured with multiple sensors. However, the through hole of CT6877 has an inner diameter of 80 mm, which can be inserted with four 31 mm outer diameter wires (that are often used for branching). By measuring four wires together, this product achieves high precision measuring. The purpose of this product is to support numerous investigations and developments by providing users with features such as a wide frequency range from opposed split coils, and the world's highest level noise resistance realized by a shield carved out of solid aluminum. (Description / Design Group) Launch Year / 2019


Since function is the most demanded aspect in industrial goods, their forms are easily neglected. However, the higher the performance of products, the more they should pursue their formal aspects. This is because humans, as users, are allured to senses of "trust and security emanating from form," and industrial goods are no exception. CT6877 takes pride not only in functional superiority, but also in a distinct look that feels reliable and secure. The reason is because it has achieved "the elimination of unnecessary elements by optimizing connections between lines," and it is an excellent work with a look that amounts to its function. (Selection Committee / ASHIZAWA Yusuke)