JIDA Museum Selection vol.21


Product 花色鉛筆
Flower Pencils HANA
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社TRINUS
大友 敏弘
OTOMO Toshihiro
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

花色鉛筆は、日本を代表する伝統的な「花のかたち」と「花の色」を持ち、削りかすが花びらになる色鉛筆です。鉛筆の形は、桜(さくら)、紅梅(こうばい)、蒲公英(たんぽぽ)、常磐(ときわ)、桔梗(ききょう)の5種類。芯の周りの軸部分に廃棄古紙原料の環境に配慮した新素材「MAPKA」を用い、可愛らしい花の形状を実現。さらに独特の柔らかな色合いと削りやすさも両立しました。持ちやすく滑りにくい機能性も兼ね備えています。削りかすは従来どおりに可燃ごみとして処分できます。国産の上質な色芯による心地よい書き味も魅力です。(解説/株式会社TRINUS)2016年11月発売 ¥1,800(税抜き)


鉛筆の断面形状が日本の伝統的な花の形になっており、そのかわいらしさはもちろん、持ちやすく滑りにくい機能性も兼ね備えている。断面形状の花の種類に色を合わせ、全体に詞的で美しい色鉛筆である。削りカスが花びらの様になって出てくるところにも、ときめきを感じる。軸の素材は、廃棄古紙を原料とするMAPKA(廃棄古紙51%、PP49%)を使用し、成型時にも廃材が出ず、環境に配慮しているところもすばらしい。(選定委員/芝 操枝)


Flower Pencils HANA celebrate the beloved flowers of Japan. The colored pencils have the shapes and colors of the flowers the Japanese have traditionally cherished. When the pencils are sharpened, the shavings become the shapes of the petals of these flowers. There are five types of HANA colored pencils: sakura (Japanese cherry), kobai (Japanese apricot), tanpopo (dandelion), tokiwa (evergreens), kikyo (balloon flower). For the body of the colored pencils, we used MAPKA, an environmentally-friendly new material made from waste paper that are conventionally discarded as commercial waste. Furthermore, the colored pencils produce distinctive soft colors and are easily sharpened. They are also highly functional colored pencils that are easy to grip and that do not slip. As with ordinary colored pencils, the shavings can be disposed of as burnable garbage. The high-quality cores are made in Japan, and a big attraction of the HANA colored pencils is the smooth drawing experience they offer.(Description / TRINUS,Inc.) Launch Year / 2016


The cross-sections of the colored pencils are in the shapes of the flowers traditionally loved by the Japanese. Not only are these colored pencils adorable they are highly functional, as they are easy to grip and they do not slip. The core of each colored pencil is matched with the color of the flower that is its eponym. There is a poetic beauty to them as a whole. The shavings are in the shapes of the flowers' petals and that they are is charming. The body of the colored pencils is made from MAPKA, a material made using waste paper that are usually discarded as commercial waste (the composition is waste paper 51% and PP 49%). During the forming of the pencils' bodies no waste material is produced. That HANA is environmentally-friendly is something that needs to be commended. (Selection Committee / SHIBA Misae)